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    Crumbling W A L L S || It echoes. .

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    Crumbling W A L L S || It echoes. .

    Post  Little Mukuro on Tue May 11, 2010 8:38 pm

    Why on earth was he here? Shouldn't they be worried about him? Perhaps they bugged him or put a tracker on him somehow but the Vongola being so lenient on his demand to travel and walk around a large area without supervision made the hair on his head stand up.

    Muku was not at all used to be unsupervised, not that it was at all unwanted. In fact, it was very welcomed and put a sense of ease back into his mind and his body. Perhaps it was the place itself who performed miracles that he had not known could ever happen. The boy twisted his head around, a single blue eye taking in the sight before him.

    Crumbling walls, dark grey and black with spots of white of broken plaster or foliage. Broken furniture lay all around whether in pieces or in shapes that vaguely resemble the original. Why? Why would this place bring a small peace to him when it was said that he had no recollection of what happened after . .the Experimental Incident as the researchers liked to call it.

    "This place is filthy. .and very empty." A tinge of an unknown emotion pierced through him for a moment at the last part of his comment. He must be feeling too safe, too adapted to his situation. After all, there was no reason why Muku would be feeling sadness for a place that he didn't even recognize.


    'I have much to learn about this new world. I wish my memories didn't leave me completely. I would have much more by my side than the meager information I am feed.' The boy continued to stand in the middle of the abandoned building. A hand moved to press itself against the white gauze on his right eye. It inched lightly, more of a throbbing pain than an actual irritation. Strange.

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