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    Mukuro Rokudo Application~

    Mukuro Rokudo

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    Mukuro Rokudo Application~

    Post  Mukuro Rokudo on Fri May 07, 2010 3:33 pm

    Username: Mukuro Rokudo

    Any Roleplay experience: 4 years of roleplaying with friends

    Character that you are applying for: Mukuro Rokudo ;D


    Family: Vongola ( Well a Vongola guardian but he doesn't really belong to a family in his eyes xD )

    Flame Attribute: Mist

    Description of Character: Mukuro is a very mysterious person, you never know when he is going to show up. He can seem very scary at times and puts the smex in smexy xD but he does have a gentle side, he is not one to get very angry or rage filled and does mostly always maintains his cool. He does have a dark past as to where at first he was born into the Estraneo Family and he was one of the children experimented on by the Estraneos, then he later on escaped by killing his captors and found Ken and Chikusa and offered them to come join him. Being Experimented and captured by the Estraneos is what caused Mukuro to grow a hatred for the Mafia.
    ^ x-x hope that was ok

    Roleplay sample: "Kufufu, So you think you want to play again Hibari? Well then I'll gladly play for a small amount of time" Mukuro said as he smirked at Hibari "Although I'll have to leave once little vongola shows up, but till then why don't you kneel down infront of me like you did before?" He said with the tone that told Hibari he was clearly amused with remembering the time he had defeated him in Kokuyo Land.
    ^ x-x again I hope it was alright

    Version that you are following: Regular and TYL ;D
    Superbia Squalo

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    Re: Mukuro Rokudo Application~

    Post  Superbia Squalo on Sat May 08, 2010 12:04 pm

    Squalo approves of your application, stupid pineapple.

    ...on a side note...
    I squealed seeing your TYL picture. Gosh he looks pretty~! <3
    That is all. Very Happy

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    Re: Mukuro Rokudo Application~

    Post  Xanxus on Sat May 08, 2010 10:10 pm


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    Re: Mukuro Rokudo Application~

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