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    Rp Rules (Please Read)



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    Rp Rules (Please Read)

    Post  Admin on Sat May 01, 2010 5:06 pm

    Role Playing Rules
    The following are some rules and regulation regarding the RPG Section. Everyone must read before you start role playing.

    1.Have fun. That's the most important thing.

    2.You must apply for either a canon character in the Character Registration Section and get approval from an admin as well as moderators before you start your role playing, or you may create an original character. Original Characters ARE allowed, but they will be judged before being accepted. Be prepared for some critique. Be creative. No long-lost brothers or sisters of other characters. No daughters or sons of characters unless they're obscure (Seriously, if someone made Longchamp's bastard son, I would be most pleased.)

    3.No power playing or god moding! D< (Yes, you too Xanxus) This means you can’t have a power as powerful as the God and simply go around and kill an innocent character. In terms of combat, you need to get hit occasionally. No matter how strong someone is, they need to be hit from time to time. Characters need to get injured in fighting. This also goes on terms of personality. No one can like everyone and/or be liked by everyone in return. So, know when your character is going to make enemies. (Let's not have any fluffy romance/sparkles/happiness between characters who just do NOT get along.)

    4.Try to use proper English. We understand that sometimes we get confused. Some people slip into lolcat and will say "I can't has" rather than "I can't have." It's okay. But don't write sentences lyke dis bcuz u look lyke a ttl idiot.

    5.Respect each character and player. This pertains to original characters too. If you don't like how someone plays a character or if you find it to be too OOC, let one of the moderators know. We can speak to them and see how they can improve. Don't be mean to someone if you don't like how they play. If you've got an issue with an original character, look at their character profile and see if it plays well for their development. If it bothers you, again, contact a moderator and we can see what we can do.

    6.Play clean and safe. Not much more to say in regards to this. Be nice to one another. Don't bad mouth. Don't make enemies.

    7.Make sure you know your character well. OOC is okay in moderation...but not in excessive amounts. We all need some light humor from time to time, and OOC is probably best left to less critical moments in roleplaying.

    8.Please read how the story begun and stopped before you interrupt in a current story. So, if you see a thread going on that's a fight between Hibari and Mukuro, don't just jump in and be a hero and stop the fight and save the day. You should see what the entire scene is about before getting involved. It would also be a good idea to ask the others involved in a situation if you can participate.

    9.Be active on the forum. Or at least give a warning if you won't answer for long periods of time so other people can venture on without waiting for you.

    10.No spamming.

    11.Try to not flame other characters. If you don't like a character, that's fine. But don't let it be something that controls how you play.

    12.Use third person’s point of views. This means you cannot use I and you (first and second person’s point of views.) during Role play.

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